Oscar M. Ciuró

Inclusion in makerspaces

Wood tools wall at MakerConvent.

Inclusion of youth at risk in maker educational activities

Maker education attempts to be as inclusive as possible: everyone, regardless of their gender, age or social economic background should be able to engage with maker education and benefit from the numerous learning outcomes it can provide.

Educators and facilitators, may however find it challenging to involve certain groups of…

Making activities materials and supplies

Makerspaces are collaborative places where all people, including young individuals, can gain practical hands-on experience with new technologies and innovative processes. They provide a flexible environment where learning is made physical by designing and building projects which apply science, technology, maths, art and creativity.

Building robots at MakerConvent.

It is important to emphasise that…

Themes from maker education

Tools wall at MakerConvent.

“There is only knowledge in the invention, in reinvention, in the restless search.”

Paulo Freire

It is not easy to establish the motivations behind wanting to start educational maker activities. There are usually many factors that influence this. Starting in a space focused on digital fabrication, community engagement and impact…

Educational Making Activities : Step by step

The project develops a compendium of making activities.

“The Maker Movement has developed in out-of-school spaces and has mostly involved adult participants, there is growing interest among educators in bringing making into education to enhance opportunities for students to engage in design and engineering practices, specifically, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM, or STEAM when art is…

CiutatBeta 2015 Workshop

Social Action: innovative approaches and methodologies for intervention in the public space


CiutatBeta was born as a platform for research and prototyping of innovative tools and citizen processes for intervention in public space. A place to explore the DNA of the city in which we live and, through an…

Oscar M. Ciuró

Edugestor cultural. International Projects, Consultancy, Digital Culture, Innovation, Fabbing, Inclusion, Participation, Education

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